Discount Auto Parts With A Premium Warranty

New and Used Batteries

When you need a car or truck battery, look no further. We offer great prices with a great warranty.

$45 Used Battery*

$60 New Battery*

*Plus tax and your old battery

Used Engines transmissions near me in Greenville

Monty’s has reliable used engines for all cars & trucks. . We also have a warehouse full of used transmissions. Some transmissions are under $500 which is a huge savings over rebuilt. Our Exclusive six month warranty comes with most in stock parts for Free!

Crash parts

Auto body repair parts are more in demand than ever. New parts are often hard to find and always expensive. When you need a mirror, bumper, headlight tail light, hood, door or any other crash repair parts, we can save you money and hassle. We can even deliver to your shop!

Get the best deals on used car and truck electronics such as stereos, computers, abs modules and other modules .

These parts from the dealer can literally cost thousands. They can be annoying or completely disable your car. Contact us for the best deals!

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Don’t forget we also offer auto repair to Greenville, Easley and Powdersville.

George Delaney Keenan Said:

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“Staff helped me get what I needed and for a very fair price.”

Bobby Nelson said:

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“Great staff. Very helpful.”

Bobkerns2016 said:

“I kept looking for a part for my brothers car. Monty’s had the part at a price less than i was quoted online. Super service and great prices.”